"Time waits for no man
You gotta boss up man
It's time to stop playing around, being lazy n***a
Get up and get to the money n***a
Grind n***a
Believe in your motherfucking self n***a
Motivation bruh" ~ Juicy J


There are millions of people around the world today discovering that they can use their keyboards to change everything. From the software that we develop to the startups that we help build, amazing things are happening. Creating software is a very rewarding experience, especially when the software you create makes a difference in people's lives.

My entire adult life, I've been using code to make shit happen in my life. Choosing to do what I love and I'm passionate about has opened doors for me I never thought I'd see. At a young age, I realized that there are people around the world re-inventing themselves with the aid of technology.

The internet is a global platform that allows people to connect to each other without borders. It's built by people around the world creating and developing themselves advancing humanity every day.


People all around the world resonate with the artists that are putting their music out there. From the drill rap coming out Chicago to Rod Wave, there are people putting their very soul into the music they produce. With rap music as the most popular genre overtaking rock music, a lot of people are realizing they can also open their own doors.

It's amazing to be able to go through some of the most fucked up things and use your voice to change your entire life around you. Rap music gives people a platform to put their emotions out there and come up from the emotion they speak. By putting your raw emotions into the very works we create today, we're able to inspire others to do the same.

People all around the country are using rap to create an outlet to rise from the bottom. The emotions that are put into the music these artists make are emotions we all feel. You don't have to flip packs to know what it feels like to struggle and rise from the trenches.

The Come Up

Today we have more tools than we could have ever imagined at our fingertips. Anyone with a keyboard, microphone, and an internet connection can open doors one could only dream about. There's an unlimited source of beats available to an ever-growing amount of rap artists. With software like FL Studio and LMMS, you can easily make your own beats.

To be able to re-invent yourself with nothing but your voice and a keyboard is fucking awesome. We're all trying to come up whether we realize it or not. There's always something to chase, something better, a goal to accomplish. Through the come up we learn to be stronger than ourselves, and we can learn from the people around us climbing out the depths of hell.

People get inspired by rap music, and they definitely should. Although I love all music, I empathize most with the people that put their raw emotion into their music. When I plug my headphones in, open VS Code, and start blasting music away all I can do is feel straight motivation.

Growing up my family was a bit poor, not like starving poor, but we struggled quite often. Living pay-check to pay-check is a common theme in my community. I knew I had to do something to make a difference, and I was going to use code to make that happen. Rap music gave me the recipe, and my keyboard gave me the platform.

I encourage whoever is reading this, to open your mind and listen deeper to the music around the world. There's so much more we can learn from each other.