"If we spend our life dreaming about the future that you don't have, you'll never have the gift of now." ~ Tony R.

Our Path

When you walk down a path, you're moving forward every step you take. On the way, you'll spot lots of wildlife, you'll face obstacles, and you might even come to a point where the path is flooded. Most people won't walk the flooded path, because it's easier to walk a different path.

One of the biggest things I've had to learn is that you'll truly never be ready. We can do our best to prepare ourselves for what's ahead, but you'll never truly know what's ahead. Life is like a path, except it's a lot harder to just get up and walk into a different one.

When you face an obstacle on a path, sometimes you can't just get up and walk a different one. You can imagine a solution to the problem, but imagining the solution doesn't solve anything. A solution imagined isn't a problem solved. It's just imaginary.

Our Dream

Every day I imagine that I'm on an invisible path. That this path will bring a much happier future, a future where there's no more struggle, and we can do all the things we set out to do and love. A path where my children don't have to know what it means to be hungry.

For years, I've been working on expanding my experience. I've started companies, I've failed, and I've succeeded. It took me a while to realize that path that I've been imagining, is the path I walk today. I've been fueling my dreams since a child.

We create dreams in our minds to escape the realities of today. Sometimes that's the only way to make it through the day. There are people out there that are constantly chasing their dreams, and not just chasing them, but making them a reality. Our dreams help us escape now, and create a possibility of a better tomorrow.

The Future

It's easy to be caught up in the never-ending cycle of work, eat, shit, and sleep. In between those moments, it's easier to dream about what we'd like our future to be.

Life is stressful, painful, happy, sad, and everything in between. Making your dreams a reality is stressful, painful, happy, sand, and everything in between.

You're going to die one day. The only thing that matters is now. If we spend our life dreaming about the future that you don't have, you'll never have the gift of now.