Most of us go by thinking about our past, and our own future. But what about the people that brought us here? Our very existence came to be through the choices and experiences of people that are no longer here. What if they could of talked to us? What would they say?

Throughout time we've made an effort to document our experiences, and more importantly the experiences of others. Although there's been efforts made, our history can be lost in the translation, and simply lost all together. This makes it easy to forget about the choices others have made to bring us to the point where we are at.

The Future

I've been cooped up in my house for far too long, and this has lead me to some pretty interesting questions. What if my ancestors could talk to me today? What if I could talk to the future?

People have attempted to create time capsules to send messages to the future. Generally those messages must be compressed in a capsule that can't store that much information. In time the hardware degrades even further, and some times capsules never make it to the day of light. It's hard to talk to the future.

The Internet

Sometimes I like to remind myself that the future doesn't exist. In reality, I don't really know much about the universe and our existence. It can be easy to get philosophical and create ideas of what we believe the universe is.

Our life on this planet as we know it could change if we were able to send messages to the future that had guaranteed delivery. Not only could we send messages to our descendants, we would be able to change the future before it's here. It could change the way we think about the things that we do.

Today we have the internet, and now more than ever it's possible to store data that's meant to be seen in the future. We do it every day. The technology that is being created today, will be the technology that delivers messages into the future tomorrow. With things like IPFS, and blockchain technologies it makes it easier than ever to create virtual time capsules that can deliver messages into the future.

I can't talk to my ancestors, but I can talk to the future. Record a video of yourself, and tell yourself something you hope can serve you one week from now, or even a year from now. It might change your life.