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I'm a dedicated father, entrepreneur, and software engineer that loves to learn to bring new things to the world. I have expertise in back-end development, JavaScript, distributed computing, and lots of web scraping. I created a distributed back-end platform called Automately. The source code was eventually acquired and moved onto a new home.

I graduated high school in 2012 at the Roy Chapman Andrews Academy in Beloit, WI. During my time there I was able to gain first-hand knowledge and experience by working on various projects that included digital electronics, business accounting, and a lot more.

I have been programming since middle school moving which walked me into the professional world at an early age. My mission is to use technology to make a change in the world that can benefit everyone.


  • Main Languages - Java, NodeJS/V8, ECMAScript/JavaScript, Python, General OOP 
  • Back-end Technologies - Netty, Apache Mina, Nashorn, Hazelcast, NIO
  • Web Stuff - Apache, Nginx, Haproxy, HTML/CSS, jQuery, Web Sockets, SockJS, ESBs, PhantomJS, WebDriver/Selenium, REST APIs, Web Services, JSON, XML, SOAP, DustJS
  • Database - MySQL/MariaDB, MongoDB, DynamoDB, RabbitMQ, Memcache, Redis, ORM
  • IT/Hosting - Cloud Computing, Virtualization, AWS, Rackspace, Azure, OpenStack, Docker, KVM, VMWare/ESXi, OVH
  • Ops/Deployment - Kubernetes, Chef, Capistrano, Jenkins, BitTorrent based deployments, Performance Tuning, Ubuntu/Linux, Networking
  • Other - Git, Jira, GitLab, GitHub, Computer/Network Security, PCI, Distributed Systems, Polygot Programming, Maven, IPFS

Work experience

May 2019Dec 2019

Software Engineer


Storyscript is a top-level programming language and platform that is specially designed for data flow between highly-reusable components (e.g. microservices), written in any other programming language.

  • Worked remotely helping aide the development in the Storyscript Runtime.
  • Developed microservices to support the existing OMG spec
Nov 2018May 2019

Software Engineer

Breezy HR
  • Worked remotely mainly fixing bugs and creating new partner integrations.
  • Participated in technical calls to meet client needs.
  • Worked through various technical problems discovering mission critical security holes.
July 2018May 2019


The Baked Potato, Co.
  • Founded an online head shop selling novelty glass pipes, dank spud (POTATOES), snacks, and other funny items.
  • Worked on various negotiations securing new suppliers.
  • Worked on compliance for high-risk credit card processing.
  • Built software to automate the dropshipping flow with various suppliers.
Feb 2018Apr 2018

Software Engineer

TwoTap (Acquired by Honey)
  • Worked remotely for a short period of time fixing bugs on existing components.
Jun 2017Oct 2017

Advisor/Software Engineer

Clause, Inc.
  • Worked remotely with an intelligent team working on the future of Legal Tech
  • Built powerful real-time APIs connecting services across a distributed back-end.

Technologies- Java, NodeJS, Git, IPFS, P2P

Nov 2010Jun 2017


Bestellen Software, LLC
  • Started a business during high school that initially consisted of technology consulting services for both businesses and residents in the Janesville/Beloit area
  • Developed custom projects ranging from simple websites to real-time GPS alert systems for a repossession company
  • Copyrighted various projects developed internally
  • Played a direct role in the secure management of servers that house public and internal projects
  • Developed/Maintained complex secure physical and virtual networks

Technologies- HTML/JavaScript, Java, C++, Netty, PHP, NodeJS, REST, MySQL, Apache, Nginx, MariaDB, MongoDB, FreePBX, Plivo, Rackspace, OpenStack, AWS, VMWare, GitLab, Ubuntu Server, Linux, Jenkins, Capistrano, Maven, BitTorrent Distributed Deployments

Dec 2013Jun 2017


Automately Cloud
  • Developed and maintained an open-source distributed back-end platform
  • Implemented custom ESB/Messaging system, NoSQL Database API, and Clustered HTTP Server
  • Implemented custom server-side JavaScript engine, and even support for the V8 JavaScript engine
  • Utilized various pieces of open-source technologies to develop key distributed components that makeup Automately
  • Deployed and developed all parts of Automately Cloud using the Automately platform itself
  • Utilizes continuous integration and automated testing to maintain the system
  • Manages and develops the infrastructure/network that houses Automately

Technologies- Java, ECMAScript/JavaScript(back-end/front-end), REST, Nashorn, Hazelcast, MongoDB, DynamoDB ORM, Custom ESB, Netty, Capistrano, AWS, Azure, VMWare ESXi, Selenium/WebDriver, PhantomJS, Jenkins, NodeJS, V8 Engine, Docker, Maven

Mar 2013Mar 2017

Software Engineer

Ebates, Inc. (Acquired by Rakuten)
  • Worked with a team of software engineers specializing in automating merchant websites for a faster checkout process
  • Played an important role in the development of web automation technologies
  • Played an important role in PCI compliance within Beloit/FatWallet office by participating in the development of the SDLC, onboarding process, and other important PCI requirements
  • Conducted automated, and manual testing for continuous support and stability of merchant websites
  • Participated in weekly/daily standup meetings with local and remote employees
  • Developed custom tools to help speed up the development process

Technologies- ECMAScript/JavaScript (Custom APIs), PHP, NodeJS, REST, PhantomJS, WebDriver/Selenium, Jira, JenkinsWI

Mar 2012Oct 2013

Founder/Creator, Inc.
  • Developed a web application that allowed business to easily store day to day business records such as expenses, invoices, and customers
  • Implemented custom templating engine allowing custom invoice styles
  • Implemented Stripe allowing the abWIility to accept credit card payments easily
  • Developed a web service orientated phone system that could be provisioned instantly and also implemented physical hardware ATAs
  • Worked with a few clients directly during the early stages of the project

Technologies- HTML/JavaScript, REST, MySQL, MariaDB, OOP, Plivo, Twilio, Stripe, SIP Trunking, VoIP, e911